Welcome to Herman & Wilkinson

The Herman Wilkinson Auction Rooms on Lower Rathmines Road has been under present management for over 25 years. The last of the traditional Auction Rooms, with a wide variety of specialist auctions in addition to Dublin's most famous weekly household and furniture auction, these rooms have been continuously a feature of the Dublin commercial landscape since 1928.

Because of our longstanding reputation for integrity, professionalism, quality and value, we attract vendors from all over the country and are thus positioned to offer an unrivalled selection of quality furniture, garden tools and machinery, indeed everything you need to equip and furnish your home to a high standard at prices that are often a fraction of the retail price for equivalent items. We hold between 80 and 90 auctions every year, more than any other auction rooms in Ireland.

The Herman Wilkinson Auction Rooms are particularly attractive to young people furnishing a first home. In such cases the opportunity to find high quality almost new furniture or something adequate to serve as a temporary solution at very attractive prices is very important. A range of specialist auctions held throughout the year means that whether you are seeking bargains in fine art, jewellery, collectors' items, office furniture or high quality oriental rugs, the Herman Wilkinson Auction Rooms have something that's right for you!

Weekly furniture auctions

Household Furniture Auction

Household furniture auction Thursday mornings at 10 am


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